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ADVTX - Artificial platelets

Fibrinoplate-S is the premiere artificial platelet product from Advanced Therapeutics (ADVTX). It is intended for use in patients with an insufficient concentration of platelets, such as cancer patients, or in patients with inadequate platelet function, such as patients on anti-platelet medication who need emergency surgery.

As a third generation product, Fibrinoplate-S is cost-effective and available in a suspension formulation ready for intravenous administration. The Company intends to explore various indications for Fibrinoplate-S in the near future. More


The electron microscopy picture (left) is the mesh formed by activated platelets and fibrinogen-coated human albumin spheres.

The spheres (arrow) provide additional surface for activated platelets to link up with each other under conditions of insufficient concentrations of platelets.


ADVTX Announces New Treatment for Bleeding After Nuclear Exposure
Fibrinoplate-S a viable alternative to platelet transfusion for survivors of near-lethal doses of radiation

ANAHEIM, California -- Advanced Therapeutics & Co. (ADVTX) announced today that Fibrinoplate-S has shown efficacy in reducing the bleeding in animals exposed to extreme doses of radiation. Survivors of a nuclear event or a dirty bomb explosion will have similar damage from the ionizing radiation of such bombs. More